Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Once Again Boston College is eating crow

Remember when the Captain and Mike bashed me because I bashed the BC firing Al Skinner? Remember when they were convinced Steve Donahue from Cornell was a good fit. Well once again, when I pulled my dick out when it comes to basketball knowledge theirs were a couple inches shorter.

This is what the Captain argued: "This year's team had no discipline and no heart. They were inconsistent, and struggled to do anything well. 2 straight years they've lost to Harvard on their own floor." "He doesn't go on recruiting trips, etc. Etc."

Well BC fired Donahue Tuesday with two years remaining on his six-year contract after he went 54-76 over a protracted four-year struggle in the ACC. Hmmmm. Let's compare my boy Al Skinners record?

1997–98 Boston College 15–16 6–12 6th “BE 6″ Div.
1998–99 Boston College 6–21 3–15 13th (BE)
1999-00 Boston College 11–19 3–13 13th (BE)
2000–01 Boston College 27–5 13–3 1st East (BE) NCAA Second Round
2001–02 Boston College 20–12 8–8 4th East (BE) NCAA First Round
2002–03 Boston College 19–12 10–6 1st East (BE) NIT First Round
2003–04 Boston College 24–10 10–6 5th (BE) NCAA Second Round
2004–05 Boston College 25–5 13–3 1st (BE) NCAA Second Round
2005–06 Boston College 28–8 11–5 3rd (ACC) NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2006–07 Boston College 21–12 10–6 4th (ACC) NCAA Second Round
2007–08 Boston College 14–17 4–12 11th (ACC)
2008–09 Boston College 22–12 9–7 6th (ACC) NCAA First Round
2009–10 Boston College 15–16 6–10 8th (ACC)

Dude was mint. BC's all time best coach and BC fired him because BC thinks they are a major sports university and can just do the next man up. Al Skinner was the man, he didn't run a Hoosier's esk offense that would waste 31 of the 35 second shot clock passing back and forth to each other.. BC had something like 70% of it's offense, rebounding, assists returning this season and other than a Syracuse win, they did nothing.

So BC admit your mistakes and bring Al Skinner home.


MIke said...

"Mike bashed me because I bashed the BC firing Al Skinner"

I don't think this ever happened. I liked Al Skinner.

rob said...

If Skinner is such a great coach, how come he is available to be hired?

DP said...

Wanted to spend time with his family in Colorado I think