Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If The Patriots Don't Trade For Desean Jackson They Might Need A New GM

The Patriots have had a slam dunk offseason so far. Their disgruntle GM finally listened to me and spent money on players who are actually worth a damn rather than burning money on shitty depth players or has beens. The next move they need to make is helping Brady out.

I know everyone in New England is going to say "Hey we got Brandon Lafell and re-signed Edleman" but that certainly isn't enough when the rest of his recievers are inconsistent, shitty or hurt (Dobson, Boyce and Gronk). Also, not for nothing Edleman other then last year was a pretty big injury risk, maybe last year was a turning point, but there could be some nonsense going forward. Also Brandon Lafell has been a pretty big bust. I know the Captain talked a little bit about his size and lack of getting injured, but he's not that great. So when an impact WR is open, you got to take a shot. Have too.

I like Desean a lot and having a stretch WR like him would be terrific. However, if he is available and the Panthers aren't pushing hard for him either their GM seriously needs to be fired as well. Cam Newton has zero weapons, it's gross.

But Desean needs to be available.


BMack said...

I'm actually on board with this a ton, because I've wanted Jackson for a long time. Like you said, he stretches the field, and would open everything up the little dip passes Brady loves.

That being said I don't know how they can fit him in their cap. But it is fun to think about a team with jackson, edleman, gronk, especially if they got another TE in the draft.

MrESPNLOM said...

We going get Steve Smith.. But sign with The Ravens... I See this happening.. Albert Breer reported the 49ers are not looking to trade for Desean Jackson that does leave the Pats & Panthers...