Friday, March 14, 2014

Boras is in No Rush to Sign his Players

According to agent Scott Boras, Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales are willing to wait until June before signing with a team. The fact that Nelson Cruz and Ervin Santana signed one-year deals has no effect according to Boras. 

Boras has been labeled a "super agent" for years. Is it just me or has he been misplaying the market more than usual the past few off seasons? Boras has been blaming the market demand on the draft picks attached to his players. Is the system flawed? Does it hurt players like this? The answer is yes. However its the agent's job to predict whether or not to take the qualifying offer or if there is more money to be made on the market. Now that his players are still unsigned, Boras wants to blame the system. 

This appears to be nothing more than a way to gain whatever leverage is left toward any interested teams.There are two options here. 

1. Take the closest thing to $14.1 million that you turned out earlier in the offseason. 

2. Wait until the season starts, so teams can assess upgrades, injuries, etc. 


MIke said...

It's not in Boras' nature to admit defeat. He's hoping for a big injury at their positions so he can charge the unlucky team a fortune for solid replacements. If those injuries happen it might provide enough to save face. If not, he screwed his clients royally by telling them to pass on that $14.1 million.

bosoxfaninatl said...

iglesias injury may keep boras from looking stupid with drew.

jwootten said...

If you wait long enough, someone is bound to get hurt. Interesting to see what kind if interest Detroit shows.