Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why I'm Pissed At Sportscenter

Let me preface this by saying I had a great sleep last night (about 9 hours), woke up and had a great breakfast (eggs, sausage, cornbeef hash in a roll up) and a great cup of coffee that I made last night but put it in the fridge so I don't need to buy my daily ice coffee.

Sportscenter had ZERO badminton highlights on their top 10. Here I was this morning watching incredible athletes doing incredible things with athleticism I could only dream of and I did not see one fault, one spike or one shuttlecock reference all morning. I was appalled. Badminton is followed and played by a ton of people outside this country and hell an Olympic sport, but gets absolutely no love whatsoever. What kind of world do we live in when a highly demanded sport like basketball takes up a majority of an extremely demanded program. It's dumb they don't take into account the minorities demands.

Much like others political stances, Sportcenter is much like the Republican Party and Republicans belief. Take care of the demand and profitable sports and don't satisfy the less profitable organizations. It's ridiculous.

Oh wait... on second thought. It makes no fucking sense for them to have badminton highlights on Sportscenter because it doesn't make the station money and a minority cares about it. Why the fuck would anyone care about a sport that doesn't have the best athletes in the world on display every night.

Be happy with the 20% of highlights hockey fans, because you are one strike away from their being 0%. Or you can move to Canada and enjoy their Sports Centre and free health care.

Drops mic.


Michael said...

I just don't understand the popularity of the NBA not basketball as a whole. Basketball is a good sport and I do enjoy watching it. However the NBA is a joke of a league. Across the board there is not much competition. Teams are trying to lose so they can draft one super star to turn the whole franchise around. To me that sounds like the league has failed.

I understand hockey isn't a popular sport in America, and I don't expect it to ever be more then a niche sport and will always be #4. It doesn't make sense to me because I think it's great but that's my opinion. I feel the NHL product is far superior to the NBA in terms of what it offers.

My question and the thing that makes no sense to me is what is the draw to the NBA.

Could it be that ESPN dictates what people want and what is considered to be the popular sport? They continually are jamming the same information down our throats to the point of brainwash. If you watch ESPN for 20 minutes you will have all the sports news of the day that they will cover. The remaining 1,420 are either re-runs of shows or them digger deeper on how marshawn lynch doesn't want to talk to reporters or some other in significant detail that no one cares about.

I guess it comes down to does ESPN dictate to its audience what is popular or do we dictate to ESPN what we enjoy. I guess it could be a little of both.

If you ask me I think it leans more towards ESPN brainwashes us to what is popular.

Either way NBA sucks and DP sucks dicks

BMack said...

Because the NBA is easier to bet on

DP said...

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\f0\fs26 \cf2 \cb3 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0
\outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 I Will leave my dick eating ability up to you but as for why the NBA is more popular than the NHL it's a very easy answer...... Economics. \
It isn't relatable to many people in America. They can't afford the equipment, ice time, etc. \
I'll give you some insight in my life. My uncles played Hockey my grandfather wasn't an NBA fan. But I grew up in a very humble upbringing. I asked my mom once about hockey and never again. She was extremely relieved because it cost 2 grand to sign up and that doesn't include equipment cost. It's not a reasonable sport. \
I will be a Bruins fan when it comes to joining the bandwagon, watch Olympic hockey because I appreciate the talent. But there are things about the NHL I hate, it's difficult to know where the puck is, it's too slow for me, and I think fighting makes the sport a joke rather than a "tough" sport. I in no way think the NHL sucks or Hockey sucks as you eloquently said about the Nhl. \
As for the "tanking" argument ask the penguins about Mario and Sindney and the colts about Andrew luck. Every sport does it get over it. \
The NBA is a great product and I may be the minority in this but I had a great time watching the Celtics/ Sixers last night. }

BMack said...

NBA def has a lot more tanking than the NHL, but DP is right it is about accessibility and the NBA costs a ball and a hoop. NHL just isn't going to reach the amount of people. Doesn't make it a bad sport, just can't reach the same heights.

That being said I think the NBA might be the most flawed sport. Refs, tanking, extremely confusing cap rules, players running the sport (not that all don't but them more than anyone else).

As for not being able to see the puck, I do understand that, but I think that'd gone way down since HDTV, that help hockey sooo much.

Michael said...

So if it is economics why isn't soccer more popular. Anyone who can afford a ball can play. Football the most popular sport in America is also a fairly expensive sport to play. There were not that many youth football teams in my area. So that logic does not add up.

Also there are some programs coming up throughout the country like the one I work at. It is funded by the flyers owner and it is free to play and they provide equipment for the kids as long as they bring a report card and show that they are working to improve grades. So I don't think it is economics I think its because ESPN is a brain washing channel

I played hockey so it is easy for me to follow the puck and know what is going on. Hockey is not a very tv friendly sport I can agree with that, however in my opinion is the best sport to watch live hands down.

As for it being to slow it is the most fast paced of the 4 major sports, so that is wrong.

As for fighting, when you have what happened in vancouver that's a joke and is the stupidest thing. Yea its entertaining but brings nothing to the sport. There is constructive fighting in hockey and when used properly I am ok with it and I think is good for hockey.

As for the tanking that is one or two teams tanking in the NHL and Indianapolis. Not half the league. Lets face it which ever teams don't get one of these guys in the draft they are doomed to be awful for a very long time. With no real plan in sight.

The NBA has too many teams and not enough talent to go around to fill 32 rosters. The league is not very competitive, and unless you are the Heat OKC San antonio or one of the other maybe ten teams who have an NBA roster why even watch your home team play. All you are rooting for is your team to be shittier than all the other shittier teams, which yes happens in all leagues. Teams hope for a high draft pick, but I feel the percentage of teams is much higher in the NBA. As far I can tell there isnt that game changing guy coming out of the draft all that frequently.

You are right the NHL and hockey does not suck, but I was correct in saying the NBA sucks and you do enjoy swallowing swords

BMack said...

if you take a world view soccer is more popular

BMack said...

as for football, I remember them giving us the pads and helmet. Hockey would never do that.

"Hockey is not a very tv friendly sport I can agree with that"

kind of kills your argument of thinking why it should be more popular than NBA.

Michael said...

I never said NHL should be more popular. I said I don't understand the popularity of the NBA. Even if people played it, a lot of people played soccer too that's not a top 4 sport.

Michael said...

but what about US why are our 4 sports in the order they are in?

rob said...

Hockey doesn't get 20% of SportsCenter. In the episode I analyzed, there were 44 minutes of stories/highlights, 3 minutes of that was hockey. That's 7%. I'd be happy with 20% coverage, or 9 minutes, and let basketball have 30. At least this time of year when football is over and baseball has yet to begin.

Basketball is a great sport. Basketball highlights are not great highlights. It's dunks. It's all dunks. Meaningless dunks, undefended dunks, showboating dunks. Dunks are exciting when they happen, but when you line all of them up and show them back to back, they lose their appeal.

And basketball players make so many more great plays than dunks.

DP doesn't like hockey because it's expensive, yet he loves rappers talking about how much money they have, the types of expensive cars they buy, and so on. Go figure.

I used to watch SportsCenter all the time. I don't anymore. This is one of the reasons. It's not about sports, it's about basketball, and fluff pieces on Yasiel Puig.

Anonymous said...

Rappers most likely come from places originally where they couldn't afford hockey.

Not trying to get involved, just sayin.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the hockey highlights I see are fighting. I'd take a basketball dunk over that any time.

rob said...

That's a good point.

Then they sing about how they could buy an entire team.

DP said...

I don't mind good hockey Rob, like Olympics, Playoffs (yes, I'm a pink hat when it comes to the bruins) but I can't stand the fighting, it's tough to follow on tv, and also yes, because I never played hockey growing up. So don't put words in my mouth.

At least I played basketball so I know what it's like. I would assume since you have such strong opinions for hockey and against basketball you played both sports competitively to draw such rash conclusions..... right?

rob said...

I played basketball, not hockey. I do enjoy the "I played, you didn't" argument.

I'm not attacking basketball, I'm attacking SportsCenter. Mike isn't attacking basketball, he's attacking the NBA. I'm going to be at the Duke/BC game Saturday and I can't wait because I do like good basketball.

Non-stop footage of dunks isn't good basketball. And it's a shame that last night there were 11 hockey games and only 2 minutes of hockey highlights on SportsCenter. You don't have to like hockey or love it to agree that SportsCenter is absurdly obsessed with dunks and basketball, and gives token lip service to hockey.

Anonymous said...

Hockey is the sport I liked playing the most. I played both organized hockey and basketball until I got into high school and had to choose one. I chose hockey. I was a better basketball player, but I liked hockey better mainly because of how fast it is. I wasn't such a great player but I was a very fast skater.

Back then, and probably still, high school hockey was very different than the NHL. The big difference was fighting. The penalty for fighting was a one year suspension. There was no fighting.

To me, what ruins NHL hockey is fighting. The sad part is that this could be corrected with one rule change... A five game suspension for fighting. That one rule change would bring me back into the NHL fold. It would turn the NHL into a league that is about hockey not some stupid spectacle. I'm really looking forward to watching hockey in the Olympics. To me that's what hockey should be.