Friday, February 7, 2014

This Athlete Is About To Be Blessed By The Best Prediction Artist Of All Time

Back in the day Bob and I used to select a football prospect and hitch your wagon to him, however, in Bob fashion, he stopped after 1 year (just about the same time he stopped following college football) and I continued it. And every year I invent a college football recruit that generally gets drafted high or is a successful NFL player. In these predictions I have invented Josh Freeman, Colin Kaepernick, EJ Manuel and Jameis Winston. Well today is the day.

While you guys were bored to death about what BC and their fair weathered fans, these are recruits that are actually going to a relevant school. Not a school that pretends its Ivy league and the schools population is full of douche bags that poop silver spoons.

Anyways, I looked at my finalist of who is going to be the next big thing and the finalists are.....

Nick Chubb RB Georgia
De'Andre Thompkins ATH (WR?) Penn State
Ja'Von Harrison ATH (CB/WR) Florida State
JoJo Robinson CB Arkansas
Ishmael Zamora WR Baylor


Winner is..... The 231st recruit Ishmael Zamora WR Baylor

Zamora is a big kid at 6'4 and the bottom line of ESPN's Scouting report says, "Zamora is a high upside player. Shows flashes of being a dominant player too. His measurables and overall athleticism have been undervalued for some reason in comparison to others who have received higher profile offers to this point. We would expect his recruitment to heat up through the fall. Good player with real upside to develop to another level."

What isn't there to like about this kid. I wasn't overly impressed with the QB class this year, I thought about Heard from texas, but I'm sticking to my guns and Zamora is the pick here. Baylor passes a gazillion times and this will work well for Zamora's future.

So congrats Zamora, this normally means you will be drafted in the first round.


bosoxfaninatl said...

those are some nice names that you hit on, but in the name of total disclosure - did you miss on any?

DP said...

DeAndre Brown.... Thought he had it all

DP said...

Also Rick Seals Jones is up in the air with being redshirted on A&M