Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm Finally Getting The Captains Stance On Bill Belichick

I finally get it. I finally get the Captains stance on Bill Belichick being the leader of the Patriots.

Yesterday, when the Captain explained that Barack Obama wasn't responsible for the death of Osama Bin Laden, the Navy Seals were. It clicked. I consider Bill Belichick as one of the best coaches of all time, however, he doesn't deserve that from me since you know.... he wasn't ever on the field when the Patriots won the Superbowl.

It's great that we can finally admit that Brady is much more important to the success of the Patriots then Bill, because Tom is the one actually running those game winning drives. I always was on the side of the players make the coach into a great coach, and I'm glad the Captain is on the same page.

You see Bill Belichick sucked when he was the Browns coach. He couldn't do anything right. He had 1 winning season and was a cast off. Once he was handed Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll, and Scott Pioli's guys he started to win and have success. And once he started the last player selected from the Parcell's regieme in Tom Brady.... boom. He became a great coach.

Some people will argue that he makes the calls or orders to put Tom Brady in those situations to win. But not to the Captain, Tom Brady, that incredible defense and Adam Vinitieri (sp) is the only reason the Patriots won and Bill was just along for the ride.

I do like Tom Brady, I do. I think that he's the best QB of all time and I'm glad he's finally getting the credit he deserves by the Captain. I always thought that he was being extra harsh on the Golden Boy because he wanted to push the blame off Bill, but it seems the Captain is hard on him, because he understands that he alone is the only reason the Patriots can win another title.

Glad we got to the bottom of this.


rob said...

Some advice: people go to sports sites/blogs to read about sports, not politics. I mentioned politicians lying in a post, I was referring to all politicians, not just one. I'm not going to engage in a political debate here because I think it would be bad for the site.

I will say that Obama's job is harder than Belichick's. And Navy SEALs have a much harder job than football players. I'm not sure I like the comparison you're making between people who risk their life to kill terrorists and pro athletes.

How was Tom Brady a Parcells era player? I can't even argue with you if you're living in DP World where facts and timelines mean nothing.

Coaches coach and players play. A great coach with bad players will lose. But also great players with a bad coach will lose. Coaches can only put their team in position to win. I think the Patriots are almost always in position to win. They went 11-5 with a backup QB. They were a Welker drop and a Brady safety away from a Super Bowl. They were a Samuel INT away from another one. These were quality players, put in position to make plays. What more can a coach do? The players made the plays in 2001, 2003, and 2004.

It didn't work in Cleveland. Maybe Belichick learned something from the failure. Not everybody is great at everything the first time out. Look at Carroll's tenure in New England when he had no control over the locker room. Now he's respected by his players and he has control because if you don't play his way, you're gone. Good for Carroll.

DP said...

I was just drawing comparisons from your mouth Rob, You said Obama didn't kill Osama, Seals did. So the same should be said about Belichick. He didn't win those Superbowls, the Players did. Is there an inconsistency here?

Sorry I was wrong about Tom Brady being Parcells, he was actually Pete Carroll's regieme. From Mike's piece, "Tom Brady is a prime example of this. The "Vice President of Player Personnel" at the time was Bobby Grier, he was a holdover from the Pete Carroll era. He had to be aware that his job was in jeopardy as Bill was going to be installing his own people into key positions in the organization. Grier was the only NFL executive to contact Michigan coach Lloyd Carr to inquire about Tom Brady and he would be fired two weeks after the draft to make room for Scott Pioli."

Also, before you give me advice on what I should write on the site I helped to create, I wouldn't be so judgemental. The reason this is a great site is because writers are free to say whatever the fuck they want. Just like your self related piece about Jenny from Forrest Gump.

We believe in freedom at DC.

rob said...

My post on Jenny from FG was intended to be humorous, not to vent about personal experience. I used personal experience to draw on while writing it, and I think it was a solid post. It got 176 pageviews on DC, 241 on my blog. That's pretty good. Better than a Bruins recap.

I gave advice on a site I write for. Take it or leave it, consider it or dismiss it, it's your site. I still think it's wisest to avoid talking politics and religion on a sports blog.

When have I ever said that Belichick won those Super Bowls on his own? The Patriots won them. The players, the QB, the kicker, the defense, and the coaching staff.

Back to Obama and the SEALs, Obama's role in that was more like an owner or a front office executive. He made the yes/no decision on whether to go ahead with the operation. He also delegated and chose the people to run the military for him. The Generals, Admirals, and other officers involved in planning the assault would be like the coaching staff. Obama made the decision to go after bin Laden, but the gameplan was drawn up by people who had expertise in combat operations. Those were the coaches on the sideline. Sort of like how Bob Kraft doesn't draw up the Patriots playbook. Neither does Nick Caserio or Scott Pioli when he was here. Then the SEALs carried out the plan, adjusted when the plan went off course, and they did their job. And did it quite well. Tom Brady throws TDs, not Belichick. Ty Law made INTs, not Belichick. SEALs killed a terrorist, not Obama. Belichick coached his players, Obama gave an order. There's a difference. I don't think Obama could give advice to a Navy SEAL on how to do better with something combat related.

The argument that Belichick inherited Brady is misleading. It's also inaccurate to suggest that somehow Belichick (or anyone else) knew what Brady would/could be. But Belichick did keep Brady around, even as a non-traditional 4th QB. So Belichick saw something he liked. Tom Brady is who he is because of himself. Belichick, like the officers who selected the SEALs who took part in killing bin Laden, and like the people who trained those SEALs, Belichick and others coached Brady to find his maximum potential. Give credit to Brady. But I'm sure Brady would give plenty of credit to Belichick and the other guys who have coached him, from peewee to high school to college to the NFL.

Would Tom Brady have been better off with a different head coach? Answer that and then tell me about how good or bad of a coach Belichick is. I'm not trying to take credit for success away from players, but Belichick does what good coaches do.