Monday, February 3, 2014

Best of Reddit

There isn't much to say about this game. The Broncos looked completely overmatched and Peyton Manning had an epic choke job. If it had been a slug fest where he played great but the Seahawks just edged out the Broncos it might be different, but Peyton was a disaster in this game. Not really much else to say. Instead, I thought I would make a compilation of some of the funnier comments made on the Reddit game threads.

From a Packers fan:
"At what point does this officially become the most well-televised snuff film in history?"

From a Bills/Harry Potter fan:
"But the Broncos can always catch the snitch and win the whole thing."

"If Denver scores late in the fourth quarter and no one is around to watch it, do the points still count?"

From a Pats fan:
"The Biggest Loser have announced that the current season has been cancelled
They've already found the winner"

From a Cowboys fan:
"If you're playing the "Omaha" drinking game, you're probably sober enough to drive your friends home."

From a Panthers fan:
"Bruno Mars was on the field longer than the Bronco's offense."

From a Pats fan:
"During half time, Eli walks into the Broncos locker room with three extra large pizzas from Papa Johns. He walks over to Peyton and says "Brother these are for you." Peyton looks at Eli, looks down at the pizzas and smiles. Peyton says what toppings did you pick for me? Eli says "you shouldn't say the word "pick" right now." Peyton opens up one of the boxes. Inside is his 2006 Super Bowl ring. Peyton is surprised. Peyton then opens up the second box. Inside is Eli's 2007 Super Bowl ring. Peyton looks at Eli confused. Peyton then opens up the last box. Inside is Eli's 2012 Super Bowl ring. Eli starts to walk away and as he is leaving he says "You will always be Dad's favorite but I'll always have the Papa Johns 2 for 1 special over you.""

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
These commercials are terrible
And Broncos, you too."

From a Lions fan:

"Denver looks like they're trying to become the team to suffer the biggest blowout in Superbowl history, a record currently held by ...checks Wikipedia... the Denver Broncos."

"So I texted my dad, asking who him and Mom were rooting for. He said Mom was rooting for the Hawks, and he was rooting for the Broncs. I asked, "Was?" He responded: "I'm rooting for the Patriots now. They've scored just as many points, with fewer interceptions.""

From a Pats fan:
"Use the promo code PEYTON when ordering a Papa Johns pizza. when it’s delivered to your house, a Seattle DB will take it from you & eat it."

From a CSI Miami Fan:
"Looks like the Seahawks are ...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
... beating a dead horse."

From a Raiders Fan:
""Man I can't wait for the Bruno Mars halftime show" - No One Ever"

From a Pats Fan:
"The last time a group of Broncos crashed and burned this badly, Ford issued a recall."

From a Bengals fan:
"Millions of girls just learned the meaning of a safety."

From a Vikings fan:
"John F. Kennedy can finish a drive better than the Broncos"
Reply from a Redskins fan:
"Abraham Lincoln could finish a play better."

From a Chiefs/Game of Thrones fan:
"This is the Red Wedding of Super Bowls."

From a Chargers fan:
"Biggest winners today: Vegas...and the Seahawks of course.
Biggest losers today: Companies that bought ads in 2nd half."

From a Seahawks fan:
"Petition to rename the NFC Championship Super Bowl XLVIII and call this an exhibition game."

From a Pats fan:
"Karl Rove is on Fox News saying that he thinks the Broncos can still win"

From a Broncos/Scooby Doo fan:

From a Steelers fan:
"Are we ok now seattle? No? Oh well, hopefully this helps a little."

From a Browns fan:

It's still anybody's game:
Seattle offense: 18
Seattle defense: 8
Seattle special teams: 17
Denver: 8


DP said...

Before we start throwing choke and manning around, I think we should step back.

If Manning choked last game, what did Brady do the week before or last years afc championship?

Peyton Manning went against a historically great defense/ secondary. I'm not sure Joe Montana could have performed any better.

MIke said...

Like I said in my article about the AFC Championship game this year, Brady didn't lose the game, he just didn't win the game for them. He was a mediocre game manager when an elite quarterback was needed to carry them.

Peyton proactively lost the game for his team. The whole Broncos offense gets a piece of the blame pie for all the miscues and general ineffectiveness, but Peyton gets the biggest piece.

DP said...

I think that's a little harsh considering the opponent. I know here in New England it's the cool thing to do to call Peyton Manning (a superbowl winning QB) a choke artist, but I'm not completely sold on that.

Yes Peyton did have 2 picks, however, Seattle's defense is the best i personally remember. By your standards I would think that any QB who played in the Superbowl would choke. I mean, that defense was completely locked down, I don't think Brady, Rodgers, Montana, Young etc would have had a successful game against them.

I think if you call Manning a choke Artist you can say the same thing about Brady in the past 10 years. Shit happens, ya know.

rob said...

I'd say Brady choked against the Giants in 2012. In 2007 he was on the ground before having a chance to do anything. Welker also choked in 2012 and 2011. There are degrees of choking. Maybe I'll write a post about that.

Anonymous said...

Please don't.

Anonymous said...

DP - I would call it a choke because of what I saw. Find a film of the look on Peyton's face after the Saints recovered the on-side kick in the Super Bowl and compare it to the look on his face after the safety on the first play of this Super Bowl.

The game was over on both of those plays. He simply cannot deal with that kind of pressure in a big game. If you don't want to call that choking then so be it, but I call it choking.

If it were a regular season game do you think that outcome would have been the same? Do you really think Peyton would have been that pitiful?