Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BMack's NFL Power Rankings

1. 49ers - I know they lost Crabtree, but their defense is incredible, and I really like Boldin.

2. Broncos - Team is loaded, and unless Manning gets hurt they are the best team in the AFC.

3. Seahawks - Great defense, great running game, and a good QB. Not to mention a home stadium they just don't lose at.

4. Falcons - They will have a good regular season record, the question is will they ever break through in the playoffs.

5. Patriots - Love their front 7, question about secondary. If they could finally get some pressure they will be better. Loss some on offense, but it sounds like Gronk will be back by week 3.

6. Texans - I overrate this team every year, but they have so many pieces that intrigue me, and the AFC is weak this year.

7. Giants - They seem to be good every other year. Just sayin'

8. Packers - Rodgers is the best QB in the league, but they wont win in the playoffs if they don't find some way for this defense to be decent.

9. Bengals - Holy shit Bengals in the top 10. Love their defense, and what can I say I believe in their offense (totally going to let me down haha).

10. Redskins - As long as RG III is healthy they will be dangerous.

11. Saints - Coach is back, Brees is still there. Don't forget about them.

12. Cowboys - Another team I always overrate. Here we go again.

13. Bears - This is it for Cutler. Put up or shut up.

14. Ravens - I just think they lost too much, and fuck Flacco.

15. Colts - I just don't like this team. I think they take a step back.

16. Steelers - Horrible contracts have this team in a bind, but as long as Big Ben is around I can't have them fall too far.

17. Lions - Bush is a huge upgrade, but is this defense ever going to come through?

18. Chiefs - My sleeper team.

19. Panthers - Love Newton (especially in the 2nd half of last year), but I don't like what's around him. How long can Steve Smith bail them out. GET HIM SOME HELP!!!

20. Bucs - Who knows what to think of this team. Revis can change a defense, be interesting to see if he is 100%

21. Chargers - Rivers isn't good.

22. Vikings - I don't like Ponder.

23. Rams - Bradford needs to finally put things together.

24. Cardinals - Not a palmer fan, but he is way better than the poop they have been putting out there.

25. Browns - They have pieces, and I can see the argument for having them ranked higher, but they are still the Browns.

26. Eagles - Another team with pieces, but I think I'm done with Vick.

27. Dolphins - Pretty sad this is where I have the 2nd AFC East team.

28. Titans - I love Locker, but he probably isn't good, and Chris Johnson is a dick.

29. Bills - EJ could end up surprising people, and I like Spiller. Just think it's going to take a year for things to work themselves out.

30. Raiders - Are they ever going to be relevant again.

31. Jets - Just awful. Sanchez should never have been brought back, and Rex is only here so they have someone to fire.

32. Jags - I was going to be the Jets here, but I gotta give it to the team that shouldn't exist.


DP said...

Patriots are better than the Falcons. I know the Falcons are sexy, but the Patriots I trust more than them

bosoxfaninatl said...

i see brees putting up 2007 brady type numbers. he is pissed about last year. and he will need to with that defense.