Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Replace Greg Stiemsma (UPDATED)

It's not a major issue, and not one that will get a ton of press, but the Celtics are going to need to find a way to replace Stiemsma. The Celtics did bring Wilcox back, which will help and I am sure KG is going to be playing a lot of center again for the Celtics, but they need more depth here.

Boston drafted Melo in the first round, but my thinking with him is that he is at least a year away from having any impact at all for the Celtics. Doc doesn't like to play "raw" rookies, and that's exactly what Melo is.

I wonder if the Celtics would think about bringing a guy in like Chris ''Birdman'' Andersen. The Nuggets just used their amnesty clause on him, so he is a free agent. If the Celtics could convince him to take the vet minimum to make a run at a title he could be a perfect pickup to round out that part on the bench. He is a good defender, and he can rebound, which would all the Celtics would be looking for.

It really hasn't been mentioned yet, but he would seem to be like a guy that would be a good fit for the Celtics.


Someone in the comment section pointed out his child porn thing, which I totally forgot about. Now I know why no one was talking about him. No charges were filed, but probably someone the Celtics will stay away from.

Some other options...

Erick Dampier
Jamaal Magloire
Ronny Turiaf


Anonymous said...

no mention of child porn charges?

BMack said...

shit, I totally forgot about that. No charges yet, but yea probably a good idea to stay away from him

Anonymous said...

I thought that Anderson was leaving the NBA and going into coaching. Didn't he just accept and assistant coaching job at Penn State?

Charles E. Duncan III said...


Anonymous said...

If we picked up Turiaf, I think we would have all of the players who have had heart surgery.