Thursday, December 29, 2011

More on the Andrew Bailey Trade

The Sox sent Josh Reddick, infield prospect Miles Head (yes, the Sox gave Head for Andrew Bailey), and minor league pitcher Raul Alcantara to Oakland. In return, they received Andrew Bailey, and outfielder Ryan Sweeney.

There's nothing not to like about this move. Reddick was a decent 4th outfielder, but that's something easily acquired. Ryan Sweeney, for instance, has a .283 career average. Bailey, on the other hand, considerably improves the Red Sox bullpen. Which needed improving.

He's closed for three seasons in Oakland. And while he's never recorded more than 30 Saves in a season, that's probably because Oakland hasn't finished above .500 in the three seasons he's been out there. He's only blown 9 Saves in his career, and only 5 in the last two years. That's an 89% conversion rate, and that's not bad. Papelbon converted 88% of his Saves.

It'll be interesting to see how he handles an increased workload. He only pitched 41.2 innings last year, and 49 the year before. Again, as closer for the A's, opportunities to work are limited. He threw 83.1 innings in his rookie season and did quite well.

He doesn't have the track record of an established MLB closer, but he has done the job. Unlike say Daniel Bard. Speaking of which, it's almost a foregone conclusion that Bard will be in the rotation.

It's kind of funny how boring and frustrating this Red Sox season has been that this seems like a huge acquisition.

-The Commodore


MIke said...

I like this move for the reasons you pointed out Rob. Got something we needed for something we really didn't. I'm a bit concerned with Bailey's medical history. He's had Tommy John surgery and I believe I read that he's had knee problems in the past and had some elbow issues this year. I guess if he has any serious issues it'll be nice to have two former closers in Jenks/Melancon that could step up. Any thoughts on any of the other pieces of the deal? I'm curious to find out more about Sweeney, I think I've read that he's another 4th OF type and we shouldn't expect more than that out of him. Were Head or Alcantra projecting to significantly contribute at the MLB level at any point in there careers?

BMack said...

Love the deal. Yes, Bailey is a BIG injury concern, but they really didn't give up anything, so it's a good deal and worth the risk.

Sweeney has no power, but plays very good defense, and actually hits for a good average (around .300). He will be a perfect kind of platoon player, and a guy you can throw in near the end of games to upgrade your teams outfield defense.

rob said...

Sweeney is a near .300 hitter with no power. He's a 4th OFer and a defensive replacement.

Don't know much about the other prospects.

bosoxfaninatl said...

speaking of power, do they leave ellsbury in the leadoff spot now after showing some pop last year? doesn't seem like crawford can handle it so I would think they have no choice. guys with little power that can get on base at the back of the order doesn't seem so bad if ellsbury can hit 20 homers again.

BMack said...

Yea, I don't see any reason to bat Ellsbury anywhere else.

If Crawford could somehow turn into the player he was before he could slide into the 2/3 hole and have gonzalez hit cleanup and Ortiz hit #5