Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick Red Sox, Sign Joe Maddon

Now that Tampa is out of it sign the best manager in baseball Joe Maddon. I don't care what it takes, give him 10 million a year.

I honestly don't think the Rays will let Maddon go,why would they? But I'm sure we could get bench coach Dave Martinez or itching coach Jim Hickey. I really don't care what Rays coach it is, as long as it's a coach from Tampa Bay.

Now that Francona is gone, they need to move swiftly for a new manager. The only former coach I would have wanted was Ozzie Guillen, but that obviously can't happen since he is in Miami. But names like Joe Torre or Bobby Valentine don't do anything for me. Torre like Francona doesn't put pressure on his players and destroys bullpen arms and Valentine is just a weirdo.

Joe Maddon may be a pipe dream, but I think we can get Martinez or Hickey if we act fast and just tell Theo he can't interview places.

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