Friday, August 12, 2011

US Skier Gets Drunk Pees On 11 Year Old

"The drunk man who peed on a sleeping 11-year-old passenger on a JetBlue flight is one of the most elite skiers in the United States, according to the NYPost. Robert Vietze, a U.S. Skier, probably just blew his chances of participating in the Olympic Games in Russia in 2014. His name was removed from the team's roster yesterday ("

Wow, now that's a bad day. I guess he had a bunch of drinks, and thought he was in the bathroom. If I was this girls dad I would've killed this guy. How fucking traumatizing would it be to wake up to someone urinating on you? I would have to think that will stick with this girl for awhile. With moves like this you would think he worked for Barstool. Actually, now that he has been kicked off the team he will have the time, so "El Prez" you should get on that.

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Jesus said...

gotta be honest...i pretty much live for skiing and i've never fucking heard of that guy before. pretty sure bode miller is the most elite name on the U.S. ski team and i'm glad it wasn't him. gotta figure this guy had some pills to go with the drinks, right? i mean that's pretty weird behavior. i almost feel bad. sounds like he was way out of it. he'll probably be on "celebrity" rehab next season.