Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quebec Another Step Closer To Getting NHL Team

"According to Sports Agent/Lawyer Allan Walsh, we can expect a formal announcement - today - about the deal/plan to build a $400 million arena in Quebec City. Walsh adds the provincial and municipal (city) governments will split the cost 50/50. The proposed arena location and construction timeline will also be revealed (ESPN)."

This doesn't guarantee that Quebec will get an NHL team, but it certainly will help the cause a lot. For the sake of the league they better not get an expansion team, because the last thing this league needs is ANOTHER team. There are plenty of teams that could move and it would be much better for the league (Atlanta, Florida, Phoenix, Nashville, ect). I really do hope they get a team, because at least you'd know their fans would care about the games. Oh and they better be called the Nordiques and bring back those awesome jerseys (as seen above).

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Anonymous said...

Make it happen! Long live the Nordiques!