Thursday, May 20, 2010

"The School House" Strip Club

About six months ago, the vacant elementary school bordered by homes on a rural highway was converted into a strip club called The School House. Downstate residents are still fuming....

"It's a whorehouse," said Ward, co-owner of a nearby garden center where she and her husband live. "I honestly don't feel as safe here as what I did. And the name they gave it — that is unbelievable. There's nobody in there learning anything, I guarantee you."

Well little lady you are so wrong. There are many things a man learns at a strip club, like...

- Always have small bills on you.
- Always bring cash.
- Woman are just using you for your money.
- If you have enough money a woman will do ANYTHING.
- A man in a $10,000 suit, and a guy wearing overalls act the same when titties are out.
- Beware ATM machines.
- The smell of body lotion is surprisingly hard to get off.
- Drinking makes awkward times, less awkward.
- How to lie to your wife/girlfriend.
- The song "pour some sugar on me" is only acceptable in the confines of a strip club.
- Girls will say anything for more money ("I'm just an honest girl trying to get through college"....yea ok).

So, get off your high horse lady, the kids will probably learn more there then they did at school.


Anonymous said...

Better then Sex Ed!

ash said...

amazing list

Anonymous said...

Just a little comment,... I know the girls that work there. Almost all are actually putting themselves through school.

Anonymous said...

I happen to be a dancer there and if we aren't paying our way threw school we all pretty much have kids to raise. Being a dancer is not as bad as everyone makes it sound. In bigger cities you see more of the girls selling themselves than in a small town as neoga.
What other job can you work 3 nights a week and make just as much if not more than a person working a minimum wage job and spend the rest of the time with your kid. While I'm working my kid is asleep and I'm there when she wakes up.
Fact is we where all born naked and it's natural besides once you've seen one set of boobs you've seen them all we don't show anything else. The girls who do that stuff is what gives dancers a bad name because not all of us are that way.
You go to a strip club to have someone to talk to because your lonely and need comfort well yea we are gonna take your money that's our job and we have families to if u dont wanna spend your money maybe you should try goin somewhere else. We want to give the attention but we have to make money as well we work for our tips/money we don't get paid weekly or by the hour.