Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Danny Ainge Is The Man

If you look under the basket you see Danny Ainge throwing a towel in the air trying to distract JJ Hickson of the Cavs. A lot of people say this is poor judgment and gay, I believe this is awesome. Other than Mark Cuban you would never see any other higher up act this way, it means they really care about the team. There is nothing in the rule book that says you can't do it, so why not?

Ainge is the man, the Cavs are gay.


BMack said...

How could anyone complain about that. If it was a coach that is one thing, but once this game starts Ainge is a fan in the stands. He should be able to do anything they can.

Fuck the Cavs.

K said...

BMack, I also don't have a problem with what Ainge did (but likewise, I think if one of the Cav players saw Ainge do it and then shouted at Ainge: "Sit your ass down!", I also would not have a problem with that. In fact that would be funny as hell). But is Ainge really just a fan once he is in the stands? What about Mark Cuban? Cuban gets railed on (and fined) for his actions when he is sitting in the seats as a fan. Do you think Cuban is held to the same standards as just any other fan?

Bmack said...

Cuban yells at refs, and to be honest I don't think he should get fined either. It's a game...have some fun with it.

If I was an owner I would be exactly like Cuban.

K said...

We are in agreement.
If I had Cuban's money, I would buy a sports team. I would also spend lots of money on chicks!