Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celtics Changes That Need To Happen

The Celtics had an embarrassing loss to the Grizzlies last night and how do you fix that. Before I start blowing the fire Doc whistle, he should listen to me right now and take Paul Pierce and Perk out of the starting line ups and start Marquis Daniels or Tony Allen and Rasheed. The thing that has been killing the C's is that we let the other team shoot an absurd percentage in the first quarter, so if we added some defensive players (yes, don't be blinded by Rasheed's offense, his defense has been there) that would limit that.

I would never think of benching Paul Pierce but Doc, really needs to do something about the lack of fire Pierce has had this year. This would shock the team, and maybe get them to play harder. And if it doesn't who cares, we are already getting blown out by the Grizzlies, and things can't get much worse for the regular season.


Anonymous said...

holy shit DP admitted there is something wrong with the Celtics!!!!!

Pervis Ellison said...

He must've been on drugs