Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ray Allen Is Pretty Awesome

Have you ever known me to worry about being in the game or playing less minutes?" he asked the The Boston Globe. "Like never. I've always said I would love to see Tony Allen play more. I would love to see Marquis Daniels in there playing more minutes. It means a great deal to this team because (if they do) we do get better."It would spare me a great deal. But the one thing I can say is that I'm in great shape. I never really feel winded when I'm on the floor."

Isn't that an awesome quote? Ray Allen is pretty awesome for a teammate and this quote solidifies that he is so great. Like I said yesterday, if the opportunity knocked and there was a guy like Monta Ellis or Amare Stoudimire on the line I would jump in a second, but I really want Ray to finish his career in Boston. Ray said he would take a significant pay cut after his contract is up, and when he does the Celtics will have a lot of money. Figuring Tony Allen, Eddie House, Brian Scalabrine, Ray Allen, and I think Marquis is off the books too, the Celtics have a lot of money to play with. I think its roughly 11 mill if you take every player not named Ray Allen off the books, and then you would think Ray will get paid 5-7 million to stay here so in all we have about 20 million off the cap next year. That could definitely sign some real good player or some second tier players. The Celtics will be able to solidify they're future this offseason (maybe Rudy Gay Bob?)

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BMack said...

yup Rudy Gay is coming to the Celtics this offseason