Thursday, January 7, 2010

Celtics 112 Heat 106 (OT)

One of the best Celtics games I have ever seen. The Heat had tied the game with 5.6 seconds left. My think was "well at least the Celtics can lose in regulation", boy was I wrong as Wade continued his unbelievable game, stealing the call from Ray Allen, and laying it up to put the Heat up 2 with .6 secounds left.

DP and I were sitting on the couch yelling at the TV when Doc drew up a play that started with Pierce inbounding the ball. Why wouuld you take you best clutch shooter and have him inbound? DP kept screaming about it, until Pierce threw a perfect alley oop to Rondo to send the game into OT. Yes, it was an amazing play, but what blew me away was the lack of effort by the Heat. The guy covering the inbound pass didn't even have his hands up, which let Pierce do an easy chest pass. Then there was basically no big man underneath to guard under the hoop, which just seemed retarded to me.

DP starts:
If you break down the play:
You can see two people on Miami made critical mistakes. First is Quentin Richardson who seemed to care less about distracting Pierce. My crazy theory is that it was his arrogance because him and Pierce have this ongoing rivalry (even though it's pretty one sided) The second player is Jermaine O'Neal who for some reason after seeing Glen Davis pick Chalmers rushed out of the lane. If he had just stayed in the lane Rondo wouldn't have been able to get to the basket so easily. It's pretty common knowledge on a last second shot you don't try and fight through picks you just automatically switch.

But whatever people have brain farts, and it was pretty costly because the Celtics dominated in overtime. Rondo outscored the Heat 6-5 and the Celtics outscored them 11-5. The Celtics were so sloppy they had 24 turnovers, and let up 17 offensive rebounds. It was a hell off game and a great win.

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