Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rasheed Wallace Talks About Technicals

"Much has been written about Rasheed Wallace and his NBA-leading eight technical fouls. Any player who reaches 16 will be suspended for one game for every one they receive after 16, and Wallace, at this rate, would reach 16 by Jan. 11. Coach Doc Rivers said Wallace needs to be careful, but Wallace doesn't seem as concerned. In his most previous technical Tuesday against Charlotte, he was whistled by official Derek Richardson after being headed into the bench. Wallace was still angry about a defensive foul on Flip Murray earlier in the second quarter.

"I cursed on that one, so I deserved that one," he said. "I don't have no problem fessing up when I deserve it. Because I did say a couple of obscenities at him."

Wallace said he waiting to hear from the NBA regarding the possible rescinding of three technicals -- ones against Indiana, New York and Orlando. Also, according to Wallace, official Bennett Salvatore told him he would look to rescinding one he received in Miami for yelling "And one!" after a made basket.

"I take that with a grain of salt," Wallace said. "Before I even came here, this was never an issue for me. I don't care about that. If they want to sit up there and call that (stuff) then fine, that's cool. But my thing is don't cheat me. I don't care about all that technical foul (expletive). ("

The Celtics can't afford to lose thing guy later in the season, because of this shit. Don't think for a second I am completely blaming Sheed. NBA refs are the most crooked, pieces of shit in all of sports. Hopefully the NBA does take a couple back, because a lot of them were complete horse shit. Still, Sheed needs to understand that NBA refs are looking for him, so he needs to be smarter, keep his mouth shut, and play ball. He won't, so that's why I am hoping the NBA takes back a couple of these...

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