Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Perkins Calls Celtics Practices "Sloppy"

The Celtics spent the last two days in practice working on their defense. However, center Kendrick Perkins was not impressed and he thinks the Celtics are lacking the focus and concentration necessary for a dominant season.

"I think our energy's been high, but these past few practices haven't been good, I don't think," Perkins told The Boston Globe. "They haven't been our best practices. We've been turning over the ball, just being sloppy the last two practices. I thought as far as Doc Rivers and the coaching staff, they had the right game plan for practice. As a team, we haven't had the perfect execution for practice. We just gotta get back on the right track (ESPN)."

I am not a Perkins fan, but I have no problem with what he is doing here. He is calling out his guys to push harder in practice. I think the Celtics need something like this to get them going, and I know Doc has been taking it easy on them with no early practices, but at some point (if they keep struggling) they are going to need a swift kick in the ass. Maybe this is it...

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Bobby said...

They need a nice kick in the ass. I love the Celts just as much as anyone, but people really jumped the gun on them being the best team of all time. They already lost 2 games at home. It's bull shit. They'll be fine and I still think they will win the whole thing, but they need to step it up (which they obviously will)