Monday, November 9, 2009

Breaking News: The EJ Manuel Dynasty Begins

Heralded recruit EJ Manuel will get his first start for Florida State on Saturday at Wake Forest.

The redshirt freshman from Virginia Beach, Va., replaces junior quarterback Christian Ponder, who suffered a dislocated shoulder in Saturday's loss to Clemson and has been ruled out for the rest of the season

The 6-foot-4, 225-pound Manuel, who was redshirted last year, threw for nearly 7,400 yards and 68 touchdowns in high school. ESPN

If you have been here from the beginning you will know that Bob and I randomly pick random recruits to be our favorite players in college football. About 2 years ago Bob picked some douche from Arkansas named DeAnthony Curtis, who I have heard nothing about, and I picked a stud QB named EJ Manuel. EJ was redshirted because Christian Ponder already had stake as the QB. Now with Ponder out of the question(he sucked anyways) EJ could be Bobby Bowden and Jimbo Fisher's last hope. My prediction Heisman in two years, guarenSheed.


Anonymous said...

Ponder Sucks? Why do you write something that makes sense and then end it off with a comment that completely invalidated everything you said prior. Not smart kid. Look up stats and Maxwell Award Semi-Finalist before making a comment like that. Its almost as bad as saying Bobby Bowden is young.

DP said...

Dude, I could care less about his stats this year. The way he played against Clemson and NC State was a disgrace. Last year he sucked, and even though he cut down some of the picks, i believe EJ would have been a better option for the start of the season. You probably thought Drew Weatherford should have won the heisman too.

Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about FSU sports? Ponder sucks? That has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever read on the internet from a wannabe arm-chair quarterback. Are you really that dumb to use the NC State and Clemson games as the basis for your argument? He bruised his ribs early in the first quarter against NC State and those same ribs were probably more injured than the FSU staff and Ponder let on and yet he played against Clemson. Actually played well until the 4th quarter. Did you even watch the game? FSU was leading going into the final period. I think EJ WILL be good, but to say that Ponder sucks is just plain ludicrous.

DP said...

Not a Ponder fan, and never have been. Last year, I wasn't impressed and using a 4 pick game and a subpar NC State game is reasonable figuring 2 out of 9 games in college is pretty big. I am an FSU fan, and I believe that EJ Manuel would have been a better option from the beginning of the year. You obviously can't hang the 5 losses on Ponders shoulders, but you can definitely hang 2 of them. And are you sure your a football fan, because I believe your referring to the final quarter, not the final period.

Anonymous said...

EJ will be good, the operative word there is WILL, but in due time. I used period to describe the final segment because if you anything about proper English and how to write, you don't use the same word over and over again to describe the same thing.
Also, perhaps you didn't notice that I said quarter here:

"He bruised his ribs early in the first quarter against NC State..."

and here:

"Actually played well until the 4th quarter."

I am an FSU Alum and follow the team very closely. Statistically Ponder's performance this year was the best by an FSU QB since 2000. He was the primary reason why the team has any wins at all. As stated above, I believe EJ will be very good, but the problem at FSU since 2001 is that quarterbacks have been inserted into starting roles before they were ready or were not developed properly by inept coaching (Daryl Dickey).

Rix: RSFr (Was never properly developed and thus never really improved)

Sexton: RSSo (Who knows what could have been? Lyme disease derailed his career)

McPherson: RSSo (Blank check/gambling scandal; could've been great and is having decent career in Canada)

Weatherford: RSFr (Great head on his shoulder, terrible throwing mechanics and no arm stregth)

Lee: RSSo (Great arm, dumb as a rock)

The above list notes the year they were when they first started. EJ needs time in the system and time to develop as a quarterback. He’s not going to have that for this weekend or the remainder of FSU’s games. It’s on the job training now.

DP said...

I don't care if your an FSU alum or not. Christian Ponder will never play another game as an FSU QB. EJ is and will be a much better qb then Ponder ever was. I don't care if he had bruised ribs or not, because if that is your excuse he shouldn't have been playing if it was that dire of an injury. Ponder may have had a swell year, but his time as a relevant FSU player is over. So I will stick by my Christian Ponder sucks comment.

I like FSU as much as you, but making excuse for a losing team is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You're calling me pathetic? You son, are pathetic. I've watched the last two games with your messiah EJ at the helm. Looks to me like what I said was true and that he still needs more time to develop his throwing motion and decision making. He played well at Wake, horrible against Maryland and he knows it. Of his four INT’s so far, three were horrible passes that floated like punts and should never have been thrown. The quarterback position is the most cerebral of all positions. Brains will overcome a lot of physical shortcomings. That said I believe Ponder has the athletic ability and obviously more brains than you or I seeing as how he will graduate in the spring with a Master’s degree in just five years. This is not to say that EJ lacks intelligence. To the contrary, I believe he WILL be a great QB and possesses both the acumen and the physical gifts needed to achieve that goal. However, what he needs now is the experience that comes with another year of Jimbo’s tutelage and another year within the system learning from both Fisher and Ponder.

Now, back to what I said before with regards to Ponder’s playing through injury, when he probably should have been sitting on the bench. Over the final two games that Ponder played he threw 6 INT’s with obviously bruised ribs and wearing what can only be described as a flak jacket. Have you ever thrown a football? How about with bruised ribs? With pads on? I did in HS and was only able to throw two passes before I was not able to anymore and before you go there: I started handing the ball off because that was what the coach called for. I finished the game. Much like Ponder.

I don’t know how old you are, but I know that when I was young I thought nothing could stop me. I played through pain when it would have been easier and wiser to just rest and heal. I’m paying for some of that stubbornness now, but I’m also still guilty of doing the same thing: running on knees that are screaming to be left alone.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but Ponder will be starting again next fall. EJ will push him in the spring, and I know Fisher will have packages for his talents in the game plan every week next season, but he needs to develop and start in 2011. As a Redshirt Junior. It’s better for him and better for the team.

Anonymous said...

Hey there DP! Dude, I almost forgot about you and that Ponder Sucks comment from last November. Let's see if you can be objective and admit when you're wrong. What was that you said: "Christian Ponder will never play another game as an FSU QB". I believe I just saw him throw 4 TDs with one tipped INT against Samford. I also find it interesting that I and just about every other NFL scout around have Ponder projected as a first round draft pick. Hmmmm?

I want to again point out that I think EJ will be a great quarterback, but watching his first series after halftime today against Samford, he still needs more time to develop.

Oh yeah, if Ponder keeps winning, he will enter the Heisman conversation, but I, like him, don't care much for individual awards and would rather win championships.