Friday, October 23, 2009

Tyronn Lue Joins Celtics' Coaching Staff

"Tyronn Lue had already been in the league five years and won a pair of championship rings with the Lakers when he arrived in Orlando in 2003, Doc Rivers’ last season as head coach of the Magic. Rivers only lasted 11 games as head coach that season, but point guard-to-point guard he and Lue saw things the same way. Two years ago, when Rivers was winning a championship in Boston and Lue was a veteran reserve with the Magic, Rivers had talked to Lue.

“There’s guys you coach all the time that you say, ‘He’ll be a coach.’ And Ty Lue was on the top of that list,” Rivers said. “I told him when you’re ready to stop trying to play basketball and you want to come sit on the bench and join us, we’ll create it,” Rivers said. “No matter how many coaches we have, I’ll get you a job.”

Lue took him up on the offer, joining Rivers’ staff as director of basketball development. He was at practice today in Waltham. He’ll be Rivers’ fifth assistant ("

I have no idea why, but I have always hated Tyronn Lue. I am glad he is not playing for us, and they even came out and stated there is zero chance he will suit up for the Celtics. I guess it is good to have a guy on the staff that can actually still play ball. Rivers loves having former players, so whatever makes Rivers happy I am fine with....

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