Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rivers Already A Marquis Daniels Fan

"The Boston Celtics signed Marquis Daniels because of his ability to play multiple positions on the floor. Coach Doc Rivers wants to see how he'll do playing point guard with the second unit in the season.

"I'm interested to see how Marquis handles the point with the second unit and what other teams do," Rivers told the Boston Herald. "If they keep the 3 (small forward) on him then there's no cause to worry. I wouldn't be shocked to see some teams actually put their point on Marquis and try to pressure him up the floor. If they do that, we're going to post Marquis. That would put the ball back in Eddie House's hands, but then Eddie has the 3 on him and he won't have any pressure. So that's what will be interesting, to see how teams play that lineup (ESPN)."

I love Rivers' thinking here. Basically they are going to use him like they use Pierce. When a team tries to go small and put more pressure on the ball the Celtics will send Daniels low and post him up. Otherwise we all know this guy is quick and will get some open looks from the outside. I am interested to see how much the Celtics will play Daniels as a PG. Anyways it is amazing what the Celtics have done to rework that bench.

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