Thursday, October 22, 2009

Powe Lashes Out At Celtics

"Forward Leon Powe signed a two-year deal with the Cavaliers after the Celtics declined to make him a qualifying offer this summer. He says he was never given an explanation why the Celtics didn't want to keep him.

"Initially, I was hurt," Powe told The Boston Globe. "I was mad with what they said to me at first. But I had to realize myself it was a business. Not Doc, but management. So I take it and move on. One of them told me they didn't feel like waiting," he said. "The other one said they didn't have enough money. It was a lot of different stories, but it wasn't valid. So I said, if it's time for me to move on then it's time to move on. I called my agent and told him we've got to find somewhere else (ESPN)."

We miss Powe, but with all the talent the Celtics have on their roster they really didn't NEED him. Powe is one of my favorite Celtics of all-time, and it really sucks that he and the Celtics left on bad terms. This will only fuel the rivalry between the Celtics and Cavs...

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