Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glen Davis Worksout MMA Style

"When Glen Davis walked into the Wai Kru mixed martial arts gym in Allston last month, you can forgive owner and head trainer John Allan for getting excited. Not being a basketball fan, Allan’s feelings had nothing to do with training an NBA player. Instead, Allan saw a massive 6-foot-9 project with the physical tools to become an MMA star.

“Initially I was salivating because I was like, ‘Oh, I have the next big heavyweight star,’ ” Allan said. “It was close to the end of the lesson that someone informed me that I was actually training Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis from the Celtics (Boston Herald).”

I guess this would be a great way to get in shape. Glen is a big guy, and training for an MMA fighter has a lot to do with foot work, so I would suspect that this would help in boxing out and things like that. Anyways, just thought that was a cool way to train.

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