Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Not Bonzi Wells?

Regardless if we get a back-up point guard or not, he is hardly going to play. So why not someone who can actually make an impact on both ends of the floor and can play the 2-3 spot. Bonzi Wells may not have the best past be he can definitely be signed for a veteran minimum. He has always been a tough defender that can score and rebound. It will essentially be the same as signing Marbury, because if it doesn't work out, or he starts acting up we can just cut him. Plus him and Rasheed Wallace played together for the Jailblazers so he will keep him in line somewhat. Bonzi would also relieve some of the minutes for Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, instead of just saying "Marquis Daniels will take care of it." So what do you think?

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BMack said...

I guess it would be worth a shot, but he didn't even play in the NBA last year he played over in China, so I don't know what kind of shape he is in or how much he has left in the tank at age 32 (his age is actually 42 if you factor in all the pot he has smoked).

But if we cut Tony Allen I am all for it....