Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marquis Daniels Injury Update

"The Boston Celtics signed Marquis Daniels yesterday using the $1.99M biannual exception. Daniels missed the final 13 games last season after sustaining a wrist injury, but his agent, Glenn Schwartzman, said Daniels sat out only as a precautionary measure. "It was a minor wrist thing," Schwartzman tells The Boston Globe. "If it were a playoff situation, he would have played. But Indiana didn't want to him to get hurt when they were out of the playoff picture, so they shut him down. He could have played a week or 10 days after the injury (ESPN)."

Sounds like everything is fine, and that he will be 100% for the start of training camp. I am really excited to see how Daniels fits into the Celtics bench. He is one of the main pieces the Celtics need to play well off the bench if the Celtics are going to make a run at another title.

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