Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Latest On Glen "Big Baby" Davis

"According to sources close to the situation, the Celtics brass believes that Davis will be back in Boston next season – either with a multi-year deal worth in the neighborhood of $2 million per year or for a qualifying offer in which Davis would still remain a restricted free agent after next season. "I’m just waiting to get signed," Davis said. "It’s tough not knowing what’s going on (WEEI)."

I am surprised that Davis would be willing to take an offer that is so much lower then he wanted, but the market has really turned on Davis, and it does not seem like there is going to be any team out there that is willing (and/or able) to give him a better deal. I believe Davis is a really important part to what the Celtics need off the bench next season. Yes Wallace is a nice signing, but they are going to need a guy that will crash the boards, and be that tough guy underneath, and if Davis plays like he did in the playoffs then he will fit that role nicely.

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