Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mark Buehrle To Cardinals?

There have been many reports that the Cardinals are after Roy Halladay, but if the asking price is too high they might turn their focus to Mark Buehrle...

"As Mark Buehrle told local reporters last night, being a Cardinal is still a dream for the local native. Reports the Post-Dispatch, Buehrle "reiterated a career wish that has got him in trouble before with the Chicago White Sox and the South Side faithful: He wants to be a Cardinal." "If I could just put a Cardinals jersey on for one day, throw one pitch," Buehrle said. "That would just be a dream come true (ESPN)."

If you put Buehrle in the NL I think he would be fantastic. The best part is that the asking price would be a whole lot less then what the Jays are asking for Halladay (reportedly 3 high level prospects and cash). If I was the Cardinals I would kick the tires on this and see what the White Sox are asking for, and if I was the White Sox I would start to try to get rid of some of these aging, big contract players.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Buehrle as a Redbird? You bet!

Regarding your February predictions of the Cardinals...your score card is not too good! Colby is but one of your poor calls!! As by now you know...he is TOPS for NL Rookie of the Year! Carp washed up? Missing Kennedy? We don't need him! CL Perez? Not hardly! TLR losing it? You are the ones losing it! A step back? Hmmm...it's All-Star Break and the Birds on the Bat are in front by 2 1/2 games!! A Record of 80-82? Well that means the Cardinals only have to win 32 more games and then they can forget to show up?? I'll bet you picked the Scrubs to win the NL Central! Haven't looked at your predictions...but it already sounds like you drank some funky cool-aid! Better luck next year!!! Good thing your pay is not dependent on your predictions...or else you would be looking for work!!