Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jays Won't Let Teams Negotiate With Halladay

"In the midst of all the Roy Halladay speculation, there is something you should know: Any team acquiring Halladay probably would not be able to negotiate with him until after a trade were complete. According to a baseball source, the Toronto Blue Jays will not allow any interested team to negotiate with a player should a trade be agreed upon prior to the July 31 trading deadline. In some cases, teams shopping a player like Halladay will allow interested clubs to negotiate with the player prior to formalizing a trade. In this case, the Jays have no such intention (Boston.com)."

The reason the Jays won't let other teams negotiate with Halladay is because if they can't pull off a deal they don't want other teams setting the price that he will be looking for when he becomes a free agent. With the Jays taking the approach it could be tougher to pull off a trade, but I still think it will happen, since Halladay is signed through next season giving any team plenty of time to work out a deal...

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