Monday, July 27, 2009

Glen Davis Close To Signing With Nets?

"Justin Poulin just stated on his CelticStuffLive show that he feels strongly that Glen Davis to New Jersey is “close to a done deal”. Because it isn’t finished yet and the Celtics’ return player(s) hasn’t been confirmed yet, Justin prefers to wait until it is done. Alex of NES 247 also called in, hearing a similar rumor from his unnamed source, and he thinks it is for Yi Jianlian. If you remember, Danny liked Yi the year he was drafted. Let’s call this a multiple sourced, unconfirmed rumor at this point (Tom Halzack)."

Ok...FUCK THIS. I don't want Yi Jianlian on this team. I know he is big, but he is soft, and Davis is 10 times the player he is. I still think this is all bullshit, and the Celtics are going to eventually bring Davis back. If Marbury really comes back, and the Celtics can bring Davis back they are all set for the season. I love Big Baby, and I don't want to see him wearing anything, but green next season, so hopefully this is just another stupid rumor that doesn't mean shit.

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