Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brandon Jennings Goes The Glen Davis Route

The Milwaukee Bucks signed first-round draft pick Brandon Jennings to a two-year contract worth almost $4.5 million on Tuesday.

Jennings was picked 10th overall in June and signed the rookie-scale deal that includes team options for 2011-12 and 2012-13.

The slot for the 10th pick pays at least $3.75 million over two years, but teams can sign players for slightly than the scale. Jennings will make a just over $2.16 million this season and $2.33 million in 2010-11. ESPN

The only reason why Iam reporting this is to point out that normal rookie contracts are 3 years, however, Brandon Jennings inked a two year contract, meaning, if he is as good as I think he is going to be, he will be on his way out of Milwaukee in two years. I don't know why the Bucks wouldn't make sure they had a couple of team options for years after that, because why draft a player at 10, who could only be there for 2 years?


Anonymous said...

You idiot. In the beginning of your own post you point out that the deal is 2 years plus 2 years of team options for the Bucks. They did ink themselves some insurance.

rakeback said...

Jennings has been very impressive thus far for the Bucks. As a life-long Bucks fan its great to see an influx of great young talent on the team. I think they should trade Redd and make Jennings the permanent point guard.

Rashad said...

He dropped 29 points in one quarter tonight. He nice..... said...

it's two years plus a team option for two more