Friday, June 26, 2009

Ainge and Rivers on Rondo

It's been a wild couple of days on the Rajon Rondo Watch and Celtics president Danny Ainge would like to make a couple of things perfectly clear:

"People are trying to make Rondo into a Manny situation," Ainge told The Boston Globe last night. "All I said was that he needs to work on his leadership skills, he can't be late for a playoff game, and he needs to mature as far as competing on a consistent basis. I'd said all that before.

"All those trade rumors are just a bunch of bull. I'm not trading Rondo."

# Accoring to the Boston Herald, Doc Rivers sounded confident that Rondo and Ray Allen weren't going anywhere.

"Oh yeah, absolutely," said Rivers. "I have no doubt about that. There's always the chance someone could get traded, but it would have to be an amazing deal. But I like our team."

I knew it. I knew they weren't going to get rid of Rondo and this was just a message, to the young guy to adjust his attitude. If you are trying to sell someone, you don't bash him. They were simply trying to get in his head.

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