Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Celts Making a Run at One of the All Time Greats

College Ballers that is.  

Yes, rumors have your Boston Celtics inquiring about J.J. Redick in their search for a defense stretching shooter.  Reports have said the Celtics offered the Magic F Bill Walker and G Gabe Pruitt for Redick, but that Orlando turned down the deal.

Orlando GM Otis Smith denied the C's have contacted him but since when are GM's all about the truth?  In fact, my sources are telling me the C's have thrown in a conditional 1st round pick as well.  

I can already here the moaning from the typical Duke haters.  "JJ sucks, Duke blows, he can't play defense, he can't create his own shot, he's too small...blah blah blah.  I can also promise you that you have not been watching Redick's development over the past few weeks. 

Lately, J.J. has been red hot.  He is 15 for his last 24 behind the arc including a 4/6 game against the Spurs.  His last three in that game broke a 4th quarter tie.  He has even passed Keith Bogans on the depth chart and drawing the praise of coach Stan Van Gundy for his "impressive defense".

Redick would be a very good fit on the sometimes offensively challenged C's and he would come without the baggage of Starbury.  He would be cheap to get and could provide the spark that gets this team back in front of....the Magic.  


35 Seconds said...

This would be a great move. The C's could use a guy like him. Plus, the Sox got Pedroia, the Pats got Welkahhhh, it's only fair that the C's get a blue collar, lunch pail white boy that the city can get behind. His jersey would be an instant classic, out selling Ray Allen and KG combined.

BMack said...


rob said...

Just because someone is short and white doesn't mean they're "blue-collar"

BMack said...