Friday, January 16, 2009

Bill Walker Is The Next Big Thing

If anyone watched the nets game and saw Bill Walker play garbage time at the end of the game has to be excited about the future of this kid. And if your not this quote from the globe will get you excited:
"Only the strong survive. This is a man's game. You want something, you have to go out there and take it. That's my mentality. [Defense] is the only way you're going to stay out there on the court. [Rivers] could have easily just let me sit there. That was a way of just saying I'm thankful to be out there. I'm going to keep on working, stay humble, and try to help out. I didn't know all the inbounding plays. But it was still fun."
Is that not a bad ass quote? I said before the draft that I hoped the Celtics take a chance on this kid and when they traded for him I was ecstatic. He is an intense kid, that if he can develop a consistent three point shot he will be like a more athletic James Posey. Danny Ainge has to get a little credit here, he has hit homeruns with pretty much every one of his second round draft picks (Gomes, G.Davis, Leon Powe, Bill Walker). I just hope the Celtics aren't just playing him to audition him for a trade.


Avid Fan said...

Billy Walker would have been a first round pick if not for the injury. The C's should hold onto this kid, I see the potential as well.

ContractYear said...

He'll blossom under Stan VG's leadership in Orlando. While JJ become Wally Light for the C's.

DP said...

Fuck you. That JJ trade was completely fake. Bill Walker is already a better player than JJ Reddick

ContractYear said...

15 out of his last 24 3's says nope.

Bill Walker can't crack the 2nd team on the C's. JJ leads the 2nd team on the Magic, a far superior team.

DP said...

Bill Walker is a rookie, JJ is in his 3rd or 4th year. The guy is a bust. The last thing the Celtics need is another Eddie House.

Dave said...

I thought Bill Walker was a great pickup by Ainge in the summer.

I'm surprised he hasn't received more of an opportunity to be the second wing behind TA. Hopefully he'll get that in the second half of the season