Friday, January 23, 2009

90 Boston, 80 Magic

The story of this game, plain and simple, was Glen Davis. With Perkins getting into early foul trouble, Big Baby was given the enormous task of having to guard Dwight Howard. So how did Baby respond? Did he flail around offensively trying to draw a foul? Did he commit unnecessary and untimely fouls on the defensive end? As a matter of fact, he did neither. All he did was drop 16 well-earned points (4-4 FTs) and play great, no, STELLAR defense on the best center in the NBA. He just simply out-hustled Howard, and it showed. He was knocking down his mid-range jumper as if he has never missed with it, and he even threw in a couple "little baby" hooks to boot. In almost Davis-like fashion, Howard actually fouled out late in the 4th while setting a moving screen.
That being said, Paul Pierce put the team on his shoulders in the second half and willed them to this 90-80 victory. The Magic just had no answer for Pierce, as down the stretch they could not get any stops when they needed to. KG came up huge in the 4th with a few "big balls" jumpers that broke the spirit of Orlando as they were attempting to complete a comeback. Their main problem was that none of their shots were falling in the first half. Like I said in the preview, they live by the three and die by it, and tonight their family members were signing papers to euthanize them. They hadn't played since last Saturday, and the long layoff was evident as they came out extremely rusty. The C's certainly benefited from being able to rest their starters in last nights triumph over Miami, and it showed. Boston grabbed the lead about midway through the first, let their defense dictate from there, and never looked back. Now they have some much needed days off before their matinee (1pm) home game against Dallas on Sunday. Once again, huge win for the Celts, proving they can beat the Eastern Conference's best, on the road, when they are at full-strength.

Funny stat of the Night: Orlando as a team had 12 offensive rebounds -- Rashard Lewis had 9 of them. He actually had a real solid game he just didn't get the help he needed.

DP's thoughts:
J.J. Reddick only had 6 points. What happened Wilde?


BMack said...

big baby is a beast...LSU 4 Life

Avid Fan said...

Great Win. The Celtics are back on top.

ContractYear said...

JJ was player of the game for the Magic. He went out there and showed how deep his game is. A few boards, a couple steals and most importantly, he drew about 5 fouls.

I'm not kidding about the potg thing. Grandy and Max were talking about it on the radio.